Gulistan moved their facilities from New York to the center of the old Carolina south, Pinehurst, North Carolina. Here in the center of golfing’s mecca, Gulistan became a foundation for a community that embraced their core values; make a quality product at a fair price and be proud of what you have made.

During the peak of the original Gulistan’s existence, sales topped $130M and their retail dealer community enjoyed an excellent relationship with this mill that created wonderful products and specialty programs for their use.

The consolidation of the carpet industry through the 80’s and 90’s saw sweeping changes for the carpet producers. Gulistan was impacted like most all the independent mills, maybe more so due to their location. When the housing market turned down in 2008, Gulistan’s struggles mounted and in 2012, the mill in Pinehurst was closed.

The proud tradition that was known as Gulistan Carpets, took a temporary hiatus.

Product uniqueness is key to producing beautiful floorcoverings that do not look like the sea of carpet options you view when you walk into a retail store.

Today’s Gulistan

Today, Gulistan is back. Relaunched in July of 2017 with a new owner, a new image and a host of new and exciting carpets. What has not changed is the commitment to creating beautiful carpets for the home using the newest manufacturing technologies and the most innovative yarns for carpet.

Gulistan has a range of price points to provide value in multiple types of textures, colors and constructions. Gulistan works with COLORLOCK – solution dyed polyester yarns and Lifestrand DNA Resilient Pet Stain Protection 6.6 Nylon fibers.

In each yarn system, Gulistan strives to create unique textures and colors by combining yarns into differentiated constructions to give each client a one-of-a-kind floor for their home.

The New Gulistan is part of a larger company. The parent company is Lonesome Oak Trading Company based in Chatsworth, GA. -Lonesome Oak Trading Company or LOTC, has been producing carpets and yarns for over 25 years.

LOTC has three basic business units; yarn conversion, commission tufting/broadloom packages and the direct selling brands of Lonesome Oak and Gulistan. With annual sales exceeding $35M, this company extrudes nylon, polyester and polypropylene, has twisting and heat setting capabilities and over 20 different tufting machines. The strength of LOTC is their ability to manufacturer unique products by slowing down the production to create unique textures and yarn finishes.

It is this manufacturing strength of LOTC that has allowed Gulistan to create differentiation in their products.